ode to boys

i like boys
here is what i like

when they kiss me on the shoulder
when they hold my face in their hands
when they kiss me on the forehead
when i can fall asleep on them
when i can drink coffee with them
when they can serenade me with the guitar
when they play with other boys
when i can wake up next to them
when they secretly touch me
when they can rock n roll
when they can play with my hands
when they put thier arms around me when i'm cold
when they dance sexy with me
when they kiss my hands
when i can make them feel better
when we can sleep together in parks
when they tug on my lower lip while we're kissing
when they rest their hands under my shirt
when they speak to me in different languages
when they sing to me
when they tell me stories while they're brushing thier teeth
when they make eyes at me
when they touch my lips
when they make promises

nnnnn... thats it. feel free to add to the list. it'd be cute.

i felt like thinking about those things. so i did

i got scholarship to cca.... sweet deal. sweet sweet deal.
congrats to kate on her grad proj

i passed my presentation! juge burden lifted.

summer so so close. graduation so so close. so intense and sad and exciting. what are people doing for spring break? i think i'm going some place warm with my mom and my sister. excited

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well... i've been accepted to schools that i feel i should tell you about. i'm still waiting impatiently on whether or not i recieved scholarships or not from any of them...

smfa - boston
saic - chicago
sva- new york
cca - san fran
sfai - san fran

i've been having sweet ass weekends with sweet ass people. thats pretty cool.

oo!!! doing my grad presentation tomorrow. i'm so excited just to get it over with. huge burden will be off my chest. humungous.

mmmmm... yes thats it for now i suppose.

any questions or comments please contact me
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Ode to snow

It is so good getting ready for snow. Putting on layers and layers of your crappiest biggest clothes and knowing you don't have to look good you just have to keep warm. And then coming down stairs and sweating a little waiting for your sister to finish getting ready. Finally stepping outside and looking upon the virgin snow with lust. Grabbing the brooms and beating the snow off the trees so the branches don't sag and break and looking freaking ridiculous while doing so. Then putzing about like tiny frogs and plopping in the snow every so often. And tackling your sister when she least suspects it. Its good how upsetting it is when you accidentally fall in the snow and it gets into your neckline and it burns your chin. Its good panting and sitting in the snow because you're exhausted and your body has gone noodley. and its good finally deciding to come inside and making that final trudge to the garage door. Then a quick hop to the laundry room when you shed all your layers and throw them into the dryer. So you're standing there in your underwear timing it so you can make a mad dash upstairs while your dad's back is turned. and finally putting on the sweats and granny sweaters and feeling your numb body come back to life.

anytoot while i'm doing this. i suppose i have some good news to share.
My piece that mr miller submitted to the PSEA show won first place in its category and i won $50. Which i need desperately.
i got accepted to
school of the art institute of chicago
California college of art
School of visual arts

and BONNAROO!!! kate and i and some other people are hopefully hopefully going to do that this summer.

I don't know how the rest of you feel but i am so in awe of people that like i know. Like ... its hard to articulate. But just knowing that like that girl you hang out with all the time is freaking phenominal at drums and could serioously pursue it if she wanted to. And that white boy that you occasionally see is amazing at poetry. And all those kids in your art class are awesome at what they do. Like ... woah. my friends/aquainances are so talented. its always really amazing to just step back and realize all this. ya dig?

I've been good lately like really good. a little bit of rock n roll here a little bit of rock n roll there.

and if you choose to comment to this post. If you insult me or anything i write or criticize or whatev. or correct a typo or grammatical error fuck off. i don't want to hear that. i don't update enough to warrant bs like that.

peace haha
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mysterious as the dark side of the moon (totally a line from mulan)

I've decided that i'm going to make a movie entirely out of montages. i just love them so much. It would be great! it'd be filled with insanely motivational songs like 'eye of the tiger' and that evangelis song...

ps. ode to bob dylan

i fucking love bob dylan so much. his words never cease to move me. He's one of the greatest poets/lyricists ever. i love him... too bad hes a spainard now. do you remember when he did that victoria secret commercial? that was weird. he's pimp
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everyones out to get you mother fucker!!

MY NIPPLE FUCKING ITCHES!!! goddamn this sucks

on another note. i finished all my applications. and my dad still wants to talk to me about drexel. fabulous.

why do i love art? like its so stupid. on thurs i had started this really tight drawing and like i was sad to leave school because... i wanted to work more on it thats kinda lame. sometimes iwish i was into something else. its like all i think about and it gets a little weird sometimes and like annoying. i'm always like 'hey... look at that! aesthetically... thats awesome. i bet i could do so many things...' blah blah blah and people are like 'que?' and i'm like 'i don't even know man'

so itchy... healing itches

i bought new bras that fit me. i'm a d thats sick. like seriously... what the fuck happened man?

on another note. i love harold and maude. i think it is such a fly movie. and that love is so tight.

and on another note. my dad is so fucking crazy. like seriously his brain is deteriorating. all he does is stumble about yelling about random shit and talking to the cats. its not funny. it fucking sucks.

on another note. finals... i'm going to fuck up ap english so bad... i suck at lit analysis because apparently i'm illiterate and still manage to skip over the bold cap words like EXCEPT or DOES NOT. damn it.

i'm so excited for college dude! so excited to like just start over and like leave this behind and just completely clean slate. and being with people who are on the same page. i can;t think about it anymore. i die a litle each time i do.

as it turns out i still can't work cell phones...

grad project... almost complete! which is fabulous. still need to print though. if anyone has any insight to cheap quality prints do tell.

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this is necessary

i so don't want to start on my ridiculous paper
so i shall do this instead
equisite corpse by my sister and i

hole in my head
i wish i were dead
with varicose veins
all through my brain
they're driving me insane
crabs biting the gray matter
soon i'll be a vegetable
brain dead
pale skin and flabby buttocks.
God, that pop-up doll was sick
all tied up and stuff
she rock n rolled with santana
oye como va he said
el que colour el relco presidente!
you paint everything in color instead of
black and white
contrasting like pupil to iris
a flower which scent you
can see with your eyes
every flaw in humanity.
crazy crazy
goo goo goo goo
drugs are bad
rock n roll
don't go to school
cuz school is for fools
joni mitchell rocked it better
rock on joni rock on
and roll like a stone that will never gather moss
that is as the oracle said
and it is true to this very day. BLOOD!!

"pimply" she said as she stared into the mirror
inspecting he monthly tragedy
flowing down her legs like the fountain of life.
and when she came it
oh common you ain't so common
amongst the quakers
aint got shit going for them
they dont got no electricity
dont got no girls
they aint going to heaven
cuz its mormons
now those ones are alright by me
LIE! you liar
by you is not the alright by me
who are you?
what do you want?
well thsoe are interesting questions.
do we really know who we are?
sophocles raised the interesting question.
what is it that we want?
who am i?
goddamn it stop it
whooooo are yoooouuu?
you ask again and again
well, my son
you are the thieving swine of a crysalis eagle!


ode to stubbed toes

GODDAMNIT!! i hate stubbing my toe so fucking much!!! it pisses me off like no other!!! son of a bitch! ouch!!! goddamn... how could something so little and so trivial hurt so fucking much! goddamn i'm pissed...
someday... i will invent an invention that makes it impossible to stub your toes. i will call it. THE ALIEVIATOR. or something
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ok so... i desperately need more figure studies for my portfolio. so, the deal is i could take classes but A. i'm poor B. they'd be saturday mornings and saturday mornings are the only chance i get to sleep in.
so it'd be really great if one or maybe all of you would get naked for me. It isnt that bad i swear. I will keep it professional. Scouts honor. I'd really really be indebted to you. and love you forever.
naked is beautiful. please folks don't be shy

i lost myself inside someone else

ima hustla baby i just want ya to know

officially... there needs to be more dance parties
and officially... my social life has become nonexistant. so it all works out. no friends no friend no friend. que?!
college is stressful like nobody's ho

Funny things

Dad:"Why do black people have black babies? Is that discrimination?"

Yasmeen:" i like coke cause you don't need to like finish it all during the meal you can like wait till afterwards and drink it and its still good."

B:"you forget my dear, that within a cake both water and oil reside peacefully in the chocolatey goodness."

uselesstunes: im slowly yet surely becoming frigid
uselesstunes: my love muscle needs to be exercised
Destroy Chuck: <3 im sure it wont go unreplinished much longer
uselesstunes: are you making me a sexy promise?
Destroy Chuck: how could a population resist for so long?

i have so much to do yet... i'm not doing it... why?!

So... i halfheartedly applied for this 'teen magazine' thing at the abington art center. Its like our Aura literary magazine but... you know.. cooler. But i get paid for it if i work on it. i have an interview tomorrow. How tight would it be to get paid to make art? extremely tight.

all work and no play makes taz a dull girl
hmm what else is going on in my life? NOT GRAD PROJECT. which is excellent!

and... yes stress ensues. you know what i need. a mass yoga retreat... any takers?

end transmission from satellite heart
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