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ode to boys [Mar. 21st, 2006|10:16 pm]
[music |go ahead - rilokiley]

i like boys
here is what i like

when they kiss me on the shoulder
when they hold my face in their hands
when they kiss me on the forehead
when i can fall asleep on them
when i can drink coffee with them
when they can serenade me with the guitar
when they play with other boys
when i can wake up next to them
when they secretly touch me
when they can rock n roll
when they can play with my hands
when they put thier arms around me when i'm cold
when they dance sexy with me
when they kiss my hands
when i can make them feel better
when we can sleep together in parks
when they tug on my lower lip while we're kissing
when they rest their hands under my shirt
when they speak to me in different languages
when they sing to me
when they tell me stories while they're brushing thier teeth
when they make eyes at me
when they touch my lips
when they make promises

nnnnn... thats it. feel free to add to the list. it'd be cute.

i felt like thinking about those things. so i did

i got scholarship to cca.... sweet deal. sweet sweet deal.
congrats to kate on her grad proj

i passed my presentation! juge burden lifted.

summer so so close. graduation so so close. so intense and sad and exciting. what are people doing for spring break? i think i'm going some place warm with my mom and my sister. excited


[User Picture]From: blanketofmouse
2006-03-22 04:03 am (UTC)

baby i love your ways---hahaha

when they can't take their hands off you
when they interupt you mid sentence cause they want to kiss you
when they leave you messages
when they steal away from guys for you
when you don't know everything about them

summer=bonnaroo and sitting up on the van together. i was thinking maybe we should reserve that for hte last night only? but no that might be too irresistable
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